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Tips and Solutions

How to properly open your pool ?

Spring is finally here! Temperatures are rising, and relaxing in the pool sounds pretty good right about now. But before diving in, you still [...]

Cloudy Spa Water

What is Cloudy Spa Water? Cloudy spa water is water in your hot tub or spa that is cloudy or unclean looking. When your [...]

Cloudy Pool Water

What is Cloudy Pool Water? Cloudy pool water is water that isn’t crystal clear. When your water is really cloudy, you may not be [...]

Foaming Spa Water

What is Foaming Spa Water? Your spa should only bubble when you have the jacuzzi going—unexplained bubbling or any foam means you have foaming [...]

Foaming in Pool Water

What is Foaming Pool Water? Foaming in pool water means there may be a foamy or soapy-looking substance on top of the pool. The [...]

Hard Or Soft Spa Water

What is Hard or Soft Spa Water? Hard water is water that has a higher than average mineral content. Usually, in spas, excess calcium [...]

Hard or Soft Pool Water

What is Hard or Soft Pool Water? Hard water is water that has a higher than average mineral content. Usually, in pools, excess calcium [...]

Mineral Residue in Spa Pipes

What is Mineral Residue in Spa Pipes? Mineral residue is the buildup of naturally occurring minerals and calcium that can accumulate in the pipes [...]

Stains in the Spa

What Are Stains in the Spa? Stains in the spa may or may not be permanent. They are any discolouration that stains the surface [...]

Stains in the Pool

What Are Stains in the Pool? A stain is a mark or a spot on the wall or on the floor of your pool. [...]

Unbalanced Spa Water

What is Unbalanced Spa Water? Unbalanced spa water occurs when the water is not at the ideal bathing balance, according to an in-store water [...]

Unbalanced Pool Water

What is Unbalanced Pool Water? Unbalanced pool water is the result of having too high or low levels of pH or improper calcium levels [...]

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