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SPA PEROXY MAX is a complement to SPA PEROXY SHOK. SPA PEROXY MAX optimizes the efficiency of the hydrogen peroxide-based treatment by capturing the particles that can prevent hydrogen peroxide from working properly.


  • Improves the effectiveness of SPA PEROXY SHOK by allowing the small particles that can prevent the activated oxygen from working properly to be captured.
  • Works instantly

Format: 250 g

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  • Add SPA PEROXY MAX directly to the spa water.
  • Or: Place tablet in skimmer.

  • Add SPA PEROXY MAX according to the chosen application method and recommended dosage.
  • Spa can be used immediately after adding the product.
  • Rinse spa cartridge 24 to 48 hours after adding SPA PEROXY MAX.

Add one tablet (25 g) of SPA PEROXY MAX per 1,000 L of spa water every two weeks.

SPA SIZE1,000 L1,500 L
ROUTINE DOSAGE (every two weeks)1 tablet2 tablets


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