What is Mineral Residue in Spa Pipes?

Mineral residue is the buildup of naturally occurring minerals and calcium that can accumulate in the pipes and pumps on your spa.

 What Causes Mineral Residue in Spa Pipes?

Minerals in the water are normal, but when there are too many in the water that runs through your spa it can build up in your system over time. Over time, unbalanced water due to minerals can cause calcium buildup in your pipes.

Do I Have Mineral Residue in my Spa Pipes?

Have you noticed your pumps running less-smoothly or does your water seem to get cloudy and dirty quicker than expected? These are signs of mineral residue in your water.

Why Should I Treat Mineral Residue in Spa Pipes?

Seeking proper treatment protects the inner-workings of your hot tub. Plus, it can create a much more pleasant spa experience for all bathers.

In the longer term, treatments to decalcify your spa equipment will guarantee a longer lifespan for your spa and ensure proper functioning. 

Treatment for Mineral Residue in Spa Pipes

Our SPA MINERAL OUT solution allows calcium buildup in your piping and equipment to become soluble so it can be dislodged.

On a regular basis, maintaining a balanced water supply helps prevent the accumulation of mineral and calcium build-up in the spa.


This product should be used every 2 to 3 months. SPA MINERAL OUT is poured directly into the spa’s water surface. Then the pump should be run for an hour to allow it to circulate through the system. 

See the Directions for Use for SPA MINERAL OUT

Time Before Bathing

After adding this product, there is not a mandatory wait before using the spa—however, the pump should be kept running for at least an hour.