What Are Stains in the Spa?

Stains in the spa may or may not be permanent. They are any discolouration that stains the surface of the spa.

A stain is a mark or a spot in the wall or on the floor of  your spa. They can have different colours such as green and brown, red and blue, green, brown and red or in some cases black and purple.

There are different type of stains or discolouration which can occur in your spa. 

What Causes Stains in the Spa?

Stains in your spa can be caused by multiple reasons: calcium buildup caused by unbalanced water, the presence of metals in the water as well as dirt.

Do I Have Stains in the Spa?

Have you noticed staining or discolouration on the surface of your spa or accessories? These are stains, which can often be cleaned or treated.

Why Should I Treat Stains in the Spa?

By treating stains in the spa you’ll have a better looking spa that will make for a better hot tub experience for all bathers.

Treatment for Stains in the Spa

Depending on the type of stains, the treatment will vary. SPA STAIN OUT is specially designed for stains caused by metals. 

KLEAN MULTI is a multipurpose outdoor cleaning product that is ideal for stubborn spa stains.

How to Use Products

KLEAN MULTI is used on a sponge or soft cloth. Gently rub the product onto the stained surface. Afterwards, rinse the surface and wipe dry. 

To use SPA STAIN OUT , first add water to 15 g of the product to form a paste. Apply paste to spa walls or wherever stains are present.

See the Directions for Use of KLEAN MULTI

See the Directions for Use of SPA STAIN OUT

Time Before Bathing

Swimming is possible immediately after using the KLEAN MULTI cleaner.

Time before bathing is 30 minutes after using SPA STAIN OUT.