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Tips and Solutions

How does rain affect my pool water?

Rainwater may seem harmless but rainwater is actually acidic. As rain falls through the air, it picks up trace amounts of pollutants, dust, algae [...]

Five Tips for Basic Pool Care

There has always been something glamourous about having a pool in your backyard. It immediately conjures up daydreams of backyard BBQs, dinners with families, cooling [...]

How to measure your water parameters?

Balanced pool or spa water is when the four main water parameters, of pH, alkalinity, chlorine and water hardness are maintained at acceptable levels. [...]

Phosphates in Pool Water

What are Phosphates in the Pool Water? Phosphate is a natural component that can come from swimmers’ waste. Also, phosphates found in the pool [...]

Metals in Pool Water

What are Metals in Pool Water? Having metals in your pool water means that the water contains copper, iron or other metallic deposits. What [...]

High Chlorine Levels in the Pool

What are High Chlorine Levels in the Pool? In a pool that is sanitized with chlorine, any amount of the substance in your pool [...]

Cloudy Spa Water

What is Cloudy Spa Water? Cloudy spa water is water in your hot tub or spa that is cloudy or unclean looking. When your [...]

Cloudy Pool Water

What is Cloudy Pool Water? Cloudy pool water is water that isn’t crystal clear. When your water is really cloudy, you may not be [...]

Algae in Pool Water

What is Algae in Pool Water? Algae in your pool is a type of organism that can grow nearly anywhere, but an out of [...]

Cell Cleaner

What is a Dirty Salt Cell? In saltwater pools, there is a salt cell that is used in sanitizing. If there is an accumulation [...]

How to properly open your pool ?

Spring is finally here! Temperatures are rising, and relaxing in the pool sounds pretty good right about now. But before diving in, you still [...]

Foaming Spa Water

What is Foaming Spa Water? Your spa should only bubble when you have the jacuzzi going—unexplained bubbling or any foam means you have foaming [...]

Foaming in Pool Water

What is Foaming Pool Water? Foaming in pool water means there may be a foamy or soapy-looking substance on top of the pool. The [...]

Hard Or Soft Spa Water

What is Hard or Soft Spa Water? Hard water is water that has a higher than average mineral content. Usually, in spas, excess calcium [...]

Hard or Soft Pool Water

What is Hard or Soft Pool Water? Hard water is water that has a higher than average mineral content. Usually, in pools, excess calcium [...]

Mineral Residue in Spa Pipes

What is Mineral Residue in Spa Pipes? Mineral residue is the buildup of naturally occurring minerals and calcium that can accumulate in the pipes [...]

Stains in the Spa

What Are Stains in the Spa? Stains in the spa may or may not be permanent. They are any discolouration that stains the surface [...]


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