About Sani Marc

Sani Marc is a Canadian leader in the manufacturing, distribution and implementation of hygiene solutions for the pool and spa, commercial, industrial, institutional and food processing sectors.

Guided by the desire to offer its customers the best products and services to meet their needs, Sani Marc has been constantly progressing, since its inception in 1969, by focusing on the development of hygiene solutions that exceed established standards, and by making judicious acquisitions.

In the Canadian pool and spa industry, Sani Marc is recognized as a national leader for its solutions and products pertaining to recreational water treatment.

Our mission? Simplify the treatment of pool and spa water while providing our consumers with impeccable water quality through our advice, technologies and value-added products that are high-performance, reliable, innovative and durable.

With this in mind, Sani Marc has developed Summer SmilesTM, a line of high-performance pool and spa products that are practical and easy to understand.

With Summer SmilesTM, consumers enjoy crystal-clear, impeccable water, leaving them with more time to enjoy moments with family and friends!

To learn more : www.sanimarc.com