In-Store Water Analysis

With in-store water analysis and Summer Smiles™ treatments, you can enjoy perfect water without having to worry!

A very simple and accurate alternative for testing the parameters of your pool or spa water is to have it analyzed directly and FREE of charge by a specialist at one of our Summer Smiles™ retailers.


Most of our retail locations are equipped with our expertly conceived water analysis technology and software that offers a specialized, state-of-the-art service for your pool or spa water analysis.


Our expert water analysis software allows you to precisely adjust the water parameters of your pool or spa, ensuring the safety of your swimmers. Being more advanced than regular water test strips, it can test up to 12 water parameters and calculate the exact quantity of Summer Smiles™ products to add according to an application protocol customized to your situation.


To have your water tested in-store, simply bring a one cup (250 ml) water sample from your pool or spa. It’s important that you use a clean, dedicated water testing container for your water sample. You should also rinse the container before taking the water sample. Additionally, We also recommend that you take water samples from a less-used section of the pool ideally, between the filter outlet and the return jets, about 15 – 30 cm (6 – 12 inches) below the water’s surface.


To find Summer Smiles™ retailers offering in-store water testing services near you, use our Store Locator by postal code and look for the word “in-store water testing” under the retailer’s address.