What is Algae in Pool Water?

Algae in your pool is a type of organism that can grow nearly anywhere, but an unchlorinated and out of balance pool is a particularly likely environment for this to occur in. It may appear as a green, pink or brown substance on the surface or in the corners of the pool.

What Causes Algae in Pool Water?

Almost any chemical imbalance can cause algae growth in pool water. It can be a lack of chlorine, pH or alkalinity. Hot weather, direct sunlight, poor filtration and lack of water circulation can also cause algae growth.

Do I Have Algae in My Pool?

If you have noticed an organic-looking substance on the walls or at the bottom of the pool, you may have an algae problem.

Why Should I Treat Algae in My Pool?

While the algae itself isn’t harmful, bacteria that feeds on it can carry many harmful diseases. Additionally, a pool with algae, while not dangerous, can be aesthetically displeasing and can potentially frighten children.

Treatment for Algae in Pool Water

Before treating your water for an algae problem, make sure to check the quality of your water with a test strip. Then, to treat visible algae, a larger dose of ALG OUT ULTRA 60% should be used. Then, follow up with ongoing weekly treatments to keep algae from coming back.

How to Use ALG OUT ULTRA 60%

Depending on the size of the pool, 400 to 800 ml are used for initial treatment and 100 to 200 ml are used as a weekly, ongoing treatment. The correct amount should be poured into the pool, spreading evenly throughout.

See the Application Method for Alg Out Ultra 60%

Wait Time Before Swimming

Swimmers should wait five minutes after ALG OUT ULTRA 60% is used before swimming.