5 must-have toys and gadgets for your pool and spa

When we think of summer, we think of fun, enjoying time with family and of course, our pool and spa. If you have a pool, or are lucky enough to know someone who does, investing in fun gadgets can help you make the most of your summer. There are so many cool products worth owning, the choice can be overwhelming. As always, Summer Smiles has your back. We’ve done the browsing for you and come up with suggestions for the five coolest toys and gadgets for your pool this summer.


1 – The classic inflatable pool toy has gotten a makeover

Inflatable pool toys have come a long way from beach balls and ring buoys. Today’s inflatables come in a variety of forms from dinosaurs, to doughnuts and unicorns. Getting your vitamin D is a lot more fun when you’re floating on a giant wedge of pizza! For those who can’t relax, there are even special exercise inflatables too!


2 – Magic pool fountain

You know how important circulation is for your pool water. Might as well enjoy it! A pool fountain not only increases water circulation, it adds visual appeal, soothing sounds, and added refreshment for bathers. The extra circulation also keeps the water fresh longer. You can adjust the spray height and direction and they work for both in-ground and above ground pools. They’re also super easy to install, so what are you waiting for?


3 – Floating waterproof Bluetooth speaker

If you think that electrical gadgets and water don’t mix – think again! With a floating waterproof Bluetooth speaker, you can connect your smartphone, tablet, or computer to access your favorite playlists, and easily control the volume and other functions from your device so you can listen to music while soaking in your pool. If your chosen model has a pairing feature, you’ll be able to position multiple speakers throughout your yard to maximize the sound. Bluetooth speakers can offer exceptional sound quality, making them perfect for your next backyard dinner!


4 – Submersible LED Lights

What better way to light up those long summer evenings than with some stunning waterproof LED lights that add a bit of mystery and magic to your pool or spa. From floating pool globes to game-changing underwater light shows, you can create a memorable poolside atmosphere. Talk to a lighting specialist at your nearest pool store today!


5 – Inflatable drink holders

You’ll definitely need somewhere to put your drink while you drift along on your inflatable doughnut. Try these drink holders! They’re adorable and they match your giant inflatables. Let the mixology begin!