High Chlorine Levels in the Pool

What are High Chlorine Levels in the Pool?

In a pool that is sanitized with chlorine, any amount of the substance in your pool that is higher than recommended would be considered a high chlorine level.


What Causes High Chlorine Levels?

In most cases, high chlorine levels occur when too much pool shock or too much chlorine is added to the pool—either due to a one-time mistake or from long-term buildup.

Check for a dispenser malfunction, as this is another common way to over-chlorinate a pool.


Do I Have High Chlorine Levels in My Pool?

If you can smell the chlorine or “feel” it on your skin, you probably have unbalanced chlorine levels.

You can check your pool’s chlorine levels with a simple strip test. If the levels are out of the normal range, they would be considered high.

Ideally, you should be testing your chlorine levels every day, especially if your pool is left covered for long periods of time.


Why Should I Treat High Chlorine Levels in My Pool?

Too much chlorine in the pool can cause swimmers to feel like their eyes are itching, it can cause discomfort on the skin and it can lead to the fading of your swimsuits. At seriously high levels, it can cause more serious medical problems for swimmers.


Treatment for High Chlorine Levels

CHLOR OUT is a fast-acting product specifically designed to safely lower chlorine levels for a more enjoyable swimming experience.


How to Use CHLOR OUT

CHLOR OUT quickly lowers the sanitizer level by adding 50 ml per 10,000 L of water to lower chlorine by 1 ppm. Ideally, the product needs to be added directly onto the surface of the water while walking all around the pool.

See the Directions for Use of CHLOR OUT


Wait Time Before Entering Pool

After using CHLOR OUT, there is no wait time required before swimming.