Metal remover

METAL OUT eliminates and prevents metal build-up in pool water and on pool surfaces. Its fully biodegradable formula also makes METAL OUT safer for the environment and will not add phosphates to the water.


  • Eliminates and controls iron, copper and manganese in pool water
  • Biodegradable

Format : 4 L

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Pour METAL OUT in front of the water return outlet.

  • Stop the filtration system and put the filter in Recirculate (or Whirlpool) position. Restart the system.
  • Add METAL OUT according to the application method and recommended dosage.
  • Wait 60 minutes before swimming.
  • Run the filter in the Recirculate (or Whirlpool) position for 6 hours in order to disperse the product.
  • Stop the filtration system and put the filter in Filter position.
  • Shock the pool water according to the label instructions of the product used.
  • If metal levels are very high: Remove residue by vacuuming the pool with the filter in Drain (or Waste) position.
  • Clean the clean the filter by backwashing it, or rinse the cartridges.

  • Add 150 mL of METAL OUT per 10,000 L of pool water.
  • Weekly treatment: To protect pool equipment and increase its life span, add 30 mL of METAL OUT per 10,000 L of pool water.

POOL SIZELess than 40,000 L40,000 L to 80,000 L

  • Compatible with salt systems.
  • DO NOT apply the product when swimmers are in the pool.
  • Using METAL OUT with a diatomaceous earth filter is not recommended.


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