Stabilizer Tablets

STAB ULTRA helps to maximize the efficiency of non-stabilized chlorine by preventing chlorine loss due to ultraviolet rays. With STAB ULTRA, chlorine will last 3 to 5 times longer in pool water. Its easy-to-use tablets dissolve slowly for longer-lasting action.


  • Maintains non-stabilized chlorine in water
  • Dissolves slowly for long-lasting effect

Format : 1 kg and 4 kg

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  • Keep the stabilizer level within the ideal range of 30 to 50 ppm to maintain chlorine residuals.
  • Levels are determined with a stabilizer test kit.

Place STAB ULTRA in the skimmer basket. Tablets can take up to 72 hours to dissolve completely.

  • Adjust stabilizer level as needed according to the application method and recommended dosage.
  • Pool can be used immediately after adding the product.

Add one 200 g tablet of STAB ULTRA per 10,000 L of pool water to increase the stabilizer level by 20 ppm.

POOL SIZELess than 40,000 L40,000 L to 80,000 L
TO INCREASE STABILIZER BY 20 ppm2 tablets4 tablets

Warning DO NOT apply the product when people are in the pool.

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