What is Foaming Pool Water?

Foaming in pool water means there may be a foamy or soapy-looking substance on top of the pool. The foam can look like dish soap foam or it may be gray and dirty-looking.

What Causes Pool Water to Foam?

Foam in the pool is due to residue from soap, deodorants, shampoos and lotions found on swimmers when they enter the pool. The problem often occurs at the opening in the spring when there are several types of residue in the pool. Pool water is much less likely to have foam than spa water. However, soft pool water has a higher tendency to foam.

Do I have Foaming Pool Water?

If you have noticed foam on the top of the pool surface, whether it looks soapy or dirty, you have a problem with foaming pool water.

Why Should I Treat My Foaming Pool Water?

Foaming water is unpleasant for swimmers and the oils and residue found in the foam can create issues for your filtration system.

Treatment for Foaming in Water

The liquid solution FOAM OUT by Summer Smiles treats foaming in the pool water, leading to a cleaner and more pleasant swimming environment.

How to Use FOAM OUT

FOAM OUT can be used as often as necessary to control foaming. Always ensure that your water parameters are properly balanced before using any treatments such as FOAM OUT. Once you’ve determined that your water is indeed well-balanced, you can then use FOAM OUT.

See the Directions for Use of FOAM OUT

Wait Time Before Swimming

After using FOAM OUT, there is no wait time required before swimming.