What is Foaming Spa Water?

Your spa should only bubble when you have the jacuzzi going—unexplained bubbling or any foam means you have foaming spa water.

What Causes Foaming Spa Water?

Foaming in spas is due to a lack of disinfectant and by excessive use of the spa. Residues from lotion, soap, deodorant, and hair products from bathers remain in the spa. Additionally, soft spa water has a higher tendency to foam.

Do I Have Foaming Spa Water?

When you turn on your jets, does the water froth up or foam? Does your spa look like a bubble bath? If so, you have foaming spa water.

Why Should I Treat Foaming Spa Water?

Foaming spa water feels unpleasant and “less-clean” for bathers.

Treatment for Foaming Spa Water

SPA FOAM OUT prevents and eliminates foam in spas and hot tubs.


SPA FOAM OUT can be used as often as necessary to control foaming. Always ensure that your water parameters are properly balanced before using any treatments such as SPA FOAM OUT. Once you’ve determined that your water is indeed well-balanced, you can then use SPA FOAM OUT.

See the Directions for Use of SPA FOAM OUT

Time Before Bathing

After using SPA FOAM OUT, wait 5 minutes before bathing.