Take care of your pool without having to worry about a thing! Efficient and easy to use, our products are organized in three categories that are simple to understand thanks to our practical colour-coded system.

Our range of products meets all maintenance needs, from opening to closing, either for routine treatments or for correction if need be.

Summer Smiles’
Pool Routine
in 4 Steps

Our routine products include everything you need to take care of your pool, all summer long. By following these four easy steps* and testing your water quality at least once a week with water test strips or test fluids, you can be sure to maintain crystal-clear water throughout the season.

* Note that these steps apply to a chlorine pool. If you own a saltwater pool, we recommend that you only follow routine step 1 (pH adjustment), 3 (shock treatment) and 4 (algaecide).

Step 1

Protect your pool liner and equipment by keeping your pH perfectly balanced! A balanced pH is also essential to maximize the effectiveness of the other treatments you apply to your pool: that’s why our routine treatment begins with pH adjustment!

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Step 2

By using our CHLOR or BROMA sanitizing products regularly, you prevent the proliferation of bacteria, germs, viruses, moss, algae and all living microorganisms in general.

For an effective treatment, it is important to respect basic principles such as water filtration and circulation, as well as the regular addition of a sanitizer according to the recommended dosages on the instructions of the product you are using.

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Step 3

You want to prevent your water from becoming cloudy? Don’t worry, all you have to do is regularly remove the organic waste at the source of this problem. Organic waste continually accumulates in your pool. Mainly, it comes from swimmers and natural elements such as leaves, sweat, sunscreen, or cosmetics.

Additionally, organic waste combines with free chlorine to form chloramine (combined chlorine). This phenomenon is responsible for the pronounced smell of chlorine, red eyes, irritated skin, as well as the irritation of the respiratory tract.

Using one of Summer Smiles’ SHOK treatments will allow you to quickly dissolve the finest particles of organic waste in your pool. It will also remove chloramines and algae. It also remains very important not to forget good mechanical practices such as regular vacuuming and filter cleaning to keep your pool free of organic waste.

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Step 4

Algaecide, as the name suggests, is used to prevent algae from forming in your pool. By using our ALG OUT routine preventive treatment, you are guaranteed to keep your water crystal-clear all summer long!

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Our solution products allow you to solve any problem that can arise with your pool water. Most problems with pool water are generally caused by unbalanced water that makes conditions favourable for their development in the first place.

Unbalanced Water

Unbalanced pool water is caused by not maintaining the 3 main water parameters at the proper levels—pH, alkalinity and hardness.

This issue must be resolved as quickly as possible. Unbalanced water can become corrosive and quickly attack metal and concrete or it can cause scaling on your equipment.

Our pH balancing products, STAB, ALKA and CALCIUM will help you maintain the balance of your pool water for pleasant and safe swimming.

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Cloudy Water

Cloudy water can either be caused by unbalanced water, from a high level of organic waste in the water or from failure with your pool’s water circulation system (clogged filter or insufficient filtration).

Our SHOK and CLARITA products will help you quickly eliminate the appearance of cloudy water. However, be sure to identify and solve the problem at the source to prevent it from becoming a recurring problem! It is also important to make sure, before any treatment, that the parameters of your water are properly balanced.

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Multiple factors can lead to the growth of algae in your pool water: unbalanced water, sun, pollen, tree leaves, heavy rain or even high temperatures.

Did you know? There are different colours of algae: green, yellow, pink or black algae. However, green and black algae are the ones most commonly found in swimming pools.

Luckily, our ALG OUT 60% product effectively eliminates the presence of all types of algae and allows you to get back to that crystal-clear water we all enjoy so much!

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Presence of Metals

Corrosion of pipes, pumps and other pool components is all part of the natural life cycle of your installation, but can over time contribute to the presence of dissolved metals in the water.

Iron, copper and manganese are the most commonly found metals. Their presence in the water becomes problematic when they colour the water, adhere to or stain pool surfaces. Fortunately, our ALL OUT, METAL OUT and STAIN OUT products allow you to solve this issue effectively and without having to worry.

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Presence of Phosphates

Do you live near a farm, use water from a well, or is your swimming pool surrounded by dense vegetation? If so, it is possible that your water is contaminated by phosphates present in your environment. Over time, these phosphates can promote the growth of algae in the water.

With our CLARITA Ultra 2-in-1 product, Summer SmilesTM has got you covered to get rid of phosphates, in addition to clarifying your water.

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Presence of Foam

Unbalanced water with a low-calcium level is often the main cause of foaming in pool water. Organic waste from swimmers such as oils, lotions, soaps and sunscreens can also cause foaming problems.

Thankfully, foaming is an easily manageable inconvenience. Just use our FOAM OUT product and you’re done!

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Hard or Soft Water

Hard water is water that naturally contains a lot of minerals such as limestone. Often, where you live determines the nature of the water: soft or hard. Excessively hard water can lead to limescale deposits in the pool, cloudy water and damage to the water circuits. On the other hand, water that is too soft is also problematic because it can disintegrate concrete surfaces and grout.

React quickly! If the water is too hard, replace part of the water in your pool with fresh water. To solve water that is too soft, simply add CALCIUM+ to your pool water.

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Cleaners and Stain Removers for Pools and Equipment

A stained pool lining is much less appealing than one that is clean and spotless! You can preserve the cleanliness of your pool, liner, sidewalks, and vinyl surfaces with our KLEAN line of specialty cleaners, designed entirely for pools.

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Let’s kick off summer the right way! Thanks to our products, opening your pool will be a real piece of cake. Once you’ve checked that your filtration system and water heater are working properly, you’ll love the efficiency of our all-in-one Opening Kit as well as our necessary products to maintain impeccable water quality.

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Did you know that by closing your pool with clear, algae-free water and as late as possible in the season, you’ll make it much easier to open next season? Our products and all-in-one Closing Kit are designed to allow your pool to be winterized efficiently.

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