3. Pool shock treatment

Avoid cloudy pool water

You want to prevent your water from becoming cloudy? Don’t worry, all you have to do is regularly remove the organic waste at the source of this problem. Organic waste continually accumulates in your pool. Mainly, it comes from swimmers and natural elements such as leaves, sweat, sunscreen, or cosmetics.


Additionally, organic waste combines with free chlorine to form chloramine (combined chlorine). This phenomenon is responsible for the pronounced smell of chlorine, red eyes, irritated skin, as well as the irritation of the respiratory tract.


Using one of Summer Smiles™ SHOK treatments will allow you to quickly dissolve the finest particles of organic waste in your pool. It will also remove chloramines and algae. It also remains very important not to forget good mechanical practices such as regular vacuuming and filter cleaning to keep your pool free of organic waste.