Summer SmilesTM

Pool Routine Kit

Everything you need to maintain your pool water

4-Step Pool Care Routine

pH Adjustment

Protect your pool liner and equipment by keeping your pH perfectly balanced! A balanced pH is essential to maximize the effectiveness of the other treatments you apply.




By using our Chlor or Broma sanitizing products regularly, you prevent the proliferation of bacteria, germs, viruses, moss, algae and all living microorganisms in general.


Shock Treatment

Using one of Summer Smiles™ Shok treatments will allow you to quickly dissolve the finest particles of organic waste in your pool. It will also remove chloramines and algae. Don’t forget your pool maintenance best practices, such as regular vacuuming and filter cleaning to keep your pool free of organic waste.



By using our Alg Out routine preventive treatment, you are guaranteed to keep your water crystal-clear all summer long!